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Miniature Dwarf Punganur Cow Both for Sale

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Punganur, Andhra Pradesh, India
Date 23/08/2021 Reference ID: EXP/FAD2490
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Miniature Dwarf Punganur Cow for Sale.
The pictures shows both male and female cow.
10 month age which both comes at 16 Lakhs

Punganur Cow (Kali Yuga Kamdhenu-A Celestial Cow)

I am sure many of you are super excited about this.

The cow can provide 2 to 2.5 litres average milk yield per day.

And I can assure you this is absolutely true.
You can now get a cute mini cow for your home.

Most of the time we think of dogs and cats as pets.
no one usually think a cow as typical pet.
However, these miniature punganuru dwarf cow are not your traditional big cows that need farms. You can now have a mini cow right in your home.
And It is one of the world's smallest cattle breeds.

Our vedas puranas says Cow as GoMatha in which Mukoti Gods & Goddesses Resides in each & every part of cow body.

Even in our ancient ayurvedic Scriptures such as Charaka Samhita / Shushrutha Samhita which says Gomuthra is used for medicinal properties.

Also, Cow Dung & urine was used as purifier, floor disinfectant, to keep poisonous creatures like scorpions, snakes & other pests to keep them away from our home surroundings.

So, coming to our Punganur dwarf Cow. It is called as Kali Yuga Kamdhenu a Celestial cow due to its Medicinal benefits with its high fat Milk content.

Not only it has got Medicinal properties it is also called as Devine Goddesses Kamdhenu because of its Sacred wish fulfilling nature, Very Auspicious in its presence. At higher magnitude it will receives cosmic energy around 120 feet of its radius surrounding by Aura.

Nowadays only Rich people & Orthodox people are having this Punganur Cow to show their pride, status & Prestige, also to continue family Tradition.

It is not so easy to have one of these miniature punganuru cows in our houses because of its day-by-day Skyrocketing prices. Only Rich can afford Some pure breed, it will cost us 8 to 25 Lakhs. Right now, only we can see Punganur cow in film stars, politician, business people & VIPs houses.

To be frank we can say it is in list of vanishing cow breeds.
Punganur Cow is originated from the place called Punganur in Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh.

Still, most of the people in punganur is following their forefather’s profession and you can see many cattle breeders & Traders from Punganur & surrounding places.

It is Drought resistant & is capable to survive on dry fodder. That is why it is also called as poor man’s relative.


Punganur, Andhra Pradesh, India