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Organic Rajamudi rice for sale all over india

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Mysore, Karnataka, India
Modified 06/12/2021 Reference ID: EXP/FAD4312
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Buy now Rajamudi Rice online.
Rajamudi a red rice grown exclusively for the Wodeyar or Maharajas of Mysore in Karnataka. It is a very healthy substitute for white rice and has a slightly more subtle taste. It is known as a rich source of fiber, antioxidants and iron.

Rajamudi rice price - 44 / kg. (shipping cost is separate - not included)
Door delivery to Mysore and Bangalore.
other states and districts, rice will be Delivered to your nearest VRL Godown.

Thousands of customers have bought and been satisfied with us till date.
I have supplied all the districts of Karnataka and over ten states.
Contact: Nataraj

Organic Rajamudi rice benefits.
1. The value of the glycemic index is low and can be consumed by diabetic patients and people with heart disease
2. It has a high fiber content which helps in weight loss and releases excess bad cholesterol from our body.
3.Rajamudi contains antioxidants which help to fight off infections.

It has good dietary fibre as compared to polished rice. It is rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients also. The antioxidants prevent our body from infections and free radicals. Zinc present in Rajamudi rice improves the immunity and speed up the recovery and healing of the body.
It's much easier to digest, promotes weight loss, retards major illnesses, such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer, and is dramatically more nutritious.

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Mysore, Karnataka, India