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Malaysian Hybrid Dwarf Coconut Variety Plants

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Thrissur, Kerala, India
Modified 06/09/2021 Reference ID: EXP/FAD2788
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MALABAR AGROPLANTATION selling orginal hybrid dwarf variety coconut plants ( malasian dwarf, gangabondam, D&T, Malayan green dwarf, COD, MOD, MYD, etc) genuine person contact me .

Dwarf coconut is a range of varieties of coconut palm. The use of the word “dwarf” here does not refer to the tree’s size, as it can reach heights of 50-100 feet which is certainly not a dwarf. Instead, the dwarf designation refers to the size in which it will begin to produce the coveted or harvestable coconut.

The Malayan Dwarf is a variety of dwarf coconut. The palm is classified based on the nut color: ivory yellow nuts, apricot red nuts, and green nuts.The palm's resistance to the Lethal Yellowing disease is the characteristic that makes it to be one of the important dwarf types in the world.

They typically do not exceed 30 feet and often top out at around 16 feet in height. They have a shorter lifespan than tall varieties, with a life expectancy of between 40 and 50 years. One of the best things about dwarf coconut palms is that they begin bearing fruit at a young age, sometimes after just 2 years.

If you are into growing Dwarf Coconut trees, you must be aware of their yield. Dwarf Coconut cultivars bear fruit after 2 to 3 years and they become fully productive after 6 years

The Maypan coconut palm is a DwarfxTall hybrid between the Malayan Dwarf and Panama Tall.The DwarfxTall hybrid between the Malayan Dwarf (yellow) and West African Tall is locally known as Mawa, in Ivory Coast, Mawa is known as Port-Bouet-

Recognition of the Malayan Dwarf's resistance to lethal yellowing was in 1956 at Round Hill, Jamaica, where the Malayan Dwarfs affected by the disease was only a very small percentage.

Other types of dwarfs are:

Cameroon Red Dwarf
Chowghat Dwarf Green
Chowghat Dwarf Orange
Equatorial Guinea Green Dwarf
Equatorial Guinea Yellow Dwarf
Fiji Dwarf: form a large bulb at the lower stem
Ghana Yellow Dwarf
Gon Thembili
Haari Papua
Kelapa Gading
Kelapa Radja
Laccadive Dwarf
Lakshadweep Dwarf
Maldive Dwarf
Rath Thembli


Thrissur, Kerala, India