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Miyazaki Mango Plant

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Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Modified 26/06/2021 Reference ID: EXP/FAD1511
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miyazaki mango plant
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Farina Nursery Kolkata
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Miyazaki mango is very expensive because its production is very low and its flavor is very sweet.
Some times in international market per kg is sold at 2.7 Lakh inr.

Miyazaki mangoes get their name from the city in Japan where they are grown. They are Rich in antioxidants, beta-carotene and folic acid, the mangoes are grown during the peak harvest season between April and August.
To develop to fruit, Miyazaki mango trees require a warm climate and long hours of sunshine. Mangoes of this type are distinguished by their ruby red color and their egg-like shape. They weigh between 350 and 900 grams, their peel is edible and they have 15% more sugar than other varieties, which makes them extremely sweet.


Kolkata, West Bengal, India