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Jamdani Pure Silk Banaras Saree from Expressfreeads

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Punganur, Andhra Pradesh, India
Modified 17/08/2021 Reference ID: EXP/FAD2401
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Jamdani Pure Silk Banaras Sarees from Expressfreeads.com

Jamdani or Jamdhani is a fine art weave attachment, intended to enhance the look and appeal of the saree on which it is hand woven. It is also considered a hand-woven technique that creates patterns of various colours and designs on cotton or silk sarees.

The silk Jamdani is a technical variety of brocade traditionally woven in Banaras. Here silk fabric is brocaded with cotton and rarely with zari threads. As you all know, the specialty of the Banarasi saree lies in its use of zari or rich gold and silver-colored thread work on motifs and brocades.

Punganur, Andhra Pradesh, India