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Tanchoi Banarasi shutter made Mix Silk sarees

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Punganur, Andhra Pradesh, India
Modified 17/08/2021 Reference ID: EXP/FAD2418
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Tanchoi banarasi are shutter made saree from Varanasi.
Different colors are available on special order.
These Sarees are from Expressfreeads.com Specially made at Banaras.

A Tanchoi weave is at once subtle and rhythmic! These fine sarees, illustrate the beauty of this remarkable weave where resham threads cover the entire body in elegant, irresistible patterns.

Tanchois are a very fine weave banarasi sarees that use an extra weft thread to create delicate patterns. Tanchoi weaving is one of the complex and technical weaving techniques as it uses one or two warp and two to five weft colors. These sarees are extremely light weight and soft to drape.

It is believed that this art originated in China and was brought to India by three Chinese brothers with the last name ‘choi.’ Thus, the technique came to be known as ‘Tanchoi’, which literally means ‘three chois’ (tan – three, Choi – brothers).

This art was introduced to the Indian weavers by them in Surat (Gujarat) from where it traveled to Varanasi. It is in Banaras that the weavers started experimenting with Zari & Satin wefts to create new versions and the art gained popularity. Since then the mix of Chinese technique with Indian style of weaving was created to form the Indianised version of Tanchoi sarees

Punganur, Andhra Pradesh, India